Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shopping Spree

  I haven't touched the bike at all for the last week and a half or so. I screwed up my shoulder a few weeks ago and it got worse from all the activity. Doc said to take off work and don't agitate it. Taking anti-inflammatory pills and icing the heck out of it. 
  However, I did get my Christmas bonus check...WOO! I went to to the DMV and transferred the title for the CX500 to my name. NO problems, thank goodness. Then I spent a lot of time on the interwebs looking for parts. Here's the list...

  My seat...

  I found this site Texavina.com that makes cafe motorcycle seats for many different bikes. Prices are good but shipping is expensive. They ship from their manufacturing facility in Vietnam. They also do custom work. They make a seat that is very close to what I want..

It's just a bit tall and maybe too wide. I also want to do red stitching around the border seams and down the back seams.
I contacted Truong there through emails and asked if he could make a seat similar to the one that Moto-Mucci did on his CX Cafe. I told him I would be cutting the rear frame area and not using the original seat mounts. I sent him pictures of that custom made seat and also a picture that I over-layed drawings indicating the areas I wanted red stitching.

He said he could do that. He'll be using the seat pattern from their current product (top picture) and modifying it to be lower and come straight back instead of curving down in the rear and using the red stitching in the areas I indicated. He's working on it this week and said he will send me a picture before they ship it to me. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Shocks, mirrors, tail light, headlight brackets...

 Dime City Cycles is a great source for just about anything you need to build a cafe racer. Check out their project bikes. Super sweet. They have been featured many times on Cafe Racer TV. Excellent work. I found a set of rear shocks here. They are a bit lower than my stock shocks and will look and perform a whole lot better too.

"Retro-Slim" Black & Chrome Eye to Eye Shock Absorbers - (320mm/12.50")

I also picked out a set of these bar end mirrors.

Authentic Japanese "Napoleon" Style Bar-end Mirror - (Black)

 A tail light assembly.
2-1/4" Classic Round Taillight - (Satin Black)

And some headlight mounting brackets.

Lightweight Gloss Black "Dimpled" Headlight Brackets - (29-35mm)


ProGrip Style 717 Grips - (Black w/ Red) Open End

Headlight and handlebars...

  Next I surfed on over to Speed Moto Co.  Another great source for cafe parts. There I found the headlight I wanted. I liked that it's all black including the rim and it uses an H4 bulb instead of a sealed beam unit.

7" Black Hole sun! Headlight - BLACK cafe racer H4 LSL

Handlebars. Clubman's of course.

New BLACK Clubman bar for that classic cafe look.7/8ths bar
These are high quality bars.
The dimension of these bars are as follows.
width" 28" height -.8" pullback 6",
11.75" center between upper bend 7/8 bar size

Brake and clutch levers...


Don't rule out Amazon.com for parts either. Found a set of black brake and clutch levers. 


  Brake master cylinder rebuild kit...

This was a bit of a bitch to find. I intend on using the brake master cylinder from my '78 parts bike. They only used this style for one year and thus it has become difficult to find parts for it. I like it because it's not a big ugly white plastic box on top of your handlebars like the later ones. This one is a smaller all metal housing. Mine needs to be rebuilt and cleaned up. After much searching I came across this wonderful site... HondaPartsNation.com
I was pleased to see a full exploded view of the brake master and all the part numbers and prices for OEM stuff. Yay! They screw you on shipping charges though. Ugh :(

                                                                Item #10

So that's all for now. I still need to find a rear fender to chop and I'm still deciding on turn signals, if any. Need more money to buy an exhaust system. Also I really want to do an all-in-one electronic gauge unit. If Santa drops a sack of cash on me this Christmas then I'm picking one of these bad boys up...

These go for about $700 here in the states. OUCH! But they look great and do EVERYTHING. It'll clean up all the wiring and cable mess from the stock units into one neat package. I'll probably end up going gaugeless, though. Or maybe just a small tachometer off to the side. That's all I really need. But damn, this Chronoclassic would be nice. *drool*

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stripped Down 

  I spent some time this afternoon stripping down the CX500 further. I decided not to go all the way yet. I want to wait until I get the seat before I tear down completely. I would like to see how the seat looks and fits while the bike is on it's wheels. (Even though theses aren't the wheels I'll be using). I removed the bent forks and installed my straight ones temporarily. They need to be powder-coated and rebuilt yet. I gave it a once-over cleaning with some WD40 and a rag so that it's not a total eye-sore for the time being. 

  I''l be selling this set of Comstars later if anybody needs a set. 19 inch front. 16 inch rear.  They are in pretty good shape.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Bye Bye CX#1 Parts Bike

  Frame of the '78 went to the scrap yard today. Yay! More room in my garage now. Came home after work today and proceeded to pull out the motor of the '80. No problem.

 I think I'll order a complete gasket and seal set for the motor. I want to pull the timing cover off and make sure there's nothing bad happening with the chain and guides. Peace of mind is good. Lots of exterior cleaning to do. I want this motor spotless before it goes back in. I'll work on stripping down the rest of the bike tomorrow. My other tire and inner tubes showed up today. Also picked up a bench grinder and polisher. Ordered a set of front fork seals as well. I need to get a seat ordered soon. Gotta pay some bills first and start fresh.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Slow week for the CX

  I managed to get some money back from the first bike as agreed as well as a couple of service manuals. The official one on the right is very nice. I love all the exploded views with torque specs. If anybody needs anything copied from it, let me know. I can take pictures of the pages needed and send them.

  I also repaired my right intake boot with some plastic epoxy. I tried not to make it too messy and just filled the cracks. I sprayed carb clean on it after it cured and it withstood that without melting or anything. The temp rating is up to 200 F which is fine considering cool air and fuel are passing through it.  It's temporary until I can find a good replacement one.

  The next day I ran it to see if it ran well on with no air leaks.  Success!  The motor sounds pretty good except for the exhaust. Major leaks from the H-pipe and the left muffler is just hanging there. It's all rusted out. No matter because I'll be installing a Mac 2 into 1 assembly when the time comes. The left carb is leaking too. Not sure exactly what from. The float may be sticking or something. I'm going to take them off and rebuild them and rejet to 90/120.
  I also spent a little time cleaning some of the exposed parts of the frame to see how it would shine up. Not too bad, but there are a lot of scratches and little rusty halos at the seams and such. Not noticeable from standing a few feet away but I've come to the conclusion I won't be happy with that. The rest of the bike if going to be shiny with new paint and powder coat on all the parts except the frame. If the frame is done up right as well, the whole bike will be so much better. I don't want any regrets. 
  I'm going to pick up a bench grinder/polisher this weekend. It's something I wish I had all along for my past projects. I want to polish the valve covers, intake manifolds, clutch cover, carb tops, gas cap cover, and fuse box. I need the grinder to help shape the fenders too.  So much work to do...  
  I think I'll pull the motor this weekend and start stripping the bike down to a bare frame. Then I can start cleaning all the parts and rebuilding. Hoping to get some money this month for the seat. I need that in my hands so I can modify the rear of the frame to mount the seat before sending the frame out to be powder coated. It could take over a month to get the seat after it's ordered. At least I'll have plenty of time to get the rest ready for assembly.  I'm hoping this project can be done by spring time. All depends on how much money I can get together for all the parts I need. The list is growing.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


  So my right intake manifold is cracked on the hard rubber section from the crash bar impacting it. I thought I would use the one from my '78 parts bike but the old one looks to be a different diameter and the finish is different. I found a place in the UK that makes aftermarket ones but I would prefer that they are original and match in look and finish since they are very visible on the bike. I found some used ones on Ebay but they are broken as well. I'm sure one will pop up soon. Maybe the guy i bought the bike from has some spares. I think I'll arrange to stop by this Sunday perhaps. Need my forks and fender as well.

Below is the picture of the same part on from the '78. It's shaped different.