Sunday, February 3, 2013


Cleaned, rebuilt, jetted, shimmed, and resealed.

Took a few hours. Ordered 90/120 jets from This seems to be the best combo from what I've read on the CX500 forums for running a Mac 2 into 1 exhaust. Shimmed the needle with one shim and filed down the back of the needle to get that wiggle back. Replaced the fuel transfer tube seals and float bowl seals. It was leaking pretty bad before from the left carb. Found a good used intake manifold for the right side (finally) to replace the cracked one. Looks great all together.

Ready to rock.


  1. Thanks man. I hope it runs as good as it looks! Lol.

  2. Hey Graham, I surfed over from Draykh's site. Your site is really awesome too. Part of me has always wanted a bike, but the prissy girly part of me doesn't want to fuck up my nails! See you at the Box!

  3. Thanks Lilith! It's been a while since I posted on here. Things have been rough lately. I have only just recently started making any progress on the bike. I'll post an update soon. One of these days I hope to ride this over to the BOX. :)