Saturday, June 8, 2013

Garage is empty!

 Went to S&S Powdercoating last Wednesday and worked out a deal on getting the wheels, fenders, and fork tubes coated. Very reasonable prices. Decided to get my frame, swingarm, and stands done as well. Dropped those off the next day. Should have things back by this coming weekend! For now the garage is empty where the bike was standing. Time to order more parts then.  :P

So I noticed that my brake master cylinder was missing the cap seal and diaphragm. I've been putting off finding them because thought they were unobtainable for the early '78 style master cylinder. Thought I'd have to find another used master cylinder on Ebay or something. Once again Honda parts house came through. I wish I looked more carefully the first time when I was looking for kits because, damn, their shipping charges are outrageous. 

Decided to bite the bullet and get the Mac 2 into 1 exhaust kit. Ordered from Ebay. 

I will probably put a different muffler on it later. Either a glass pack cherry bomb or something baffled. Not sure yet. This megaphone one sounds harsh from what I've heard in videos.  I just found something interesting that I'm not sure if anybody has tried before though... A turbo tube muffler.  Looks like a glass pack but it's basically two tube chambers in one just like a regular turbo style muffler but more compact. Should be quieter with a deeper tone. Not sure how well it would work on a motorcycle application. Cheap enough to experiment with if I could just clamp one on. If it works it'll get painted black and find a tip for it. I think I might have to put the original jets back in the carbs, I'm sure this muffler will have more restriction and back pressure. Curious...

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