Friday, July 5, 2013

Picking up the pieces...

Shiny Black Pieces

I got my parts back from S&S Powdercoating. Looks awesome! Time to get this thing back together...

Rebuilt the front forks. new seals, and upgraded to Progressive springs and 20wt fork oil.

Assembled the frame and finally got to mount my clubman's. 

Rear end is looking sexy.

Got my wheels back from powdercoating. Had a delay. I needed to remove the bearings. Was kind of a bear to remove the bearing retainer. Ruined the first one getting it out. It's just made of soft aluminum. Going back together was easy once I made a special tool for the retainer...

It's a roller now

Motor in! 

Next update... the unveiling.  Ordered my gauges, exhaust, and different headlight brackets. Have to paint the tank and side covers as well. Check back by the end of the month... hopefully.