Friday, July 5, 2013

Picking up the pieces...

Shiny Black Pieces

I got my parts back from S&S Powdercoating. Looks awesome! Time to get this thing back together...

Rebuilt the front forks. new seals, and upgraded to Progressive springs and 20wt fork oil.

Assembled the frame and finally got to mount my clubman's. 

Rear end is looking sexy.

Got my wheels back from powdercoating. Had a delay. I needed to remove the bearings. Was kind of a bear to remove the bearing retainer. Ruined the first one getting it out. It's just made of soft aluminum. Going back together was easy once I made a special tool for the retainer...

It's a roller now

Motor in! 

Next update... the unveiling.  Ordered my gauges, exhaust, and different headlight brackets. Have to paint the tank and side covers as well. Check back by the end of the month... hopefully.


  1. Hi Graham
    Thank you for sharing your build!
    Would it be possible to get the contact informations on your seat builder?
    I want to do a similar rebuild of my CX500 and the Mucci seat is just the best looking seat for the CX500.
    Keep up the good Work!

    BR Carsten from Denmark

    1. Thank you for the compliments! Yes, I love the 2-up seat. Nice clean look. I had mine done by Send them an email and ask for Truong. He'll help you get a custom seat made. You'll need to take measurements and pictures and make a drawing of exactly how you want it. Do as much as you can to get it right the first time. Good luck!

  2. Hi again Graham
    Thank you for your reply
    They must still have the measurements from you seat.. Right?
    I just want an excact copy of yours, if you dont mind?
    The build has not yet started so I will modify the frame to fit the seat.
    Will it be okay to send them a link to you build to make it clear what I want?

    Br. Carsten

  3. I would assume that he kept the measurements. If not, I kept all my correspondants with him and could forward them again. Truong knows me well and I'm sure he could help you out with making another. Feel free to send him a link to the blog. Take note that the lower edges on the sides didn't quite match up to my frame exactly and I had to shave the seat pan a bit and add some more padding. Also the mounting studs in the rear that the seat came with were too far out on the edges and I ended up cutting them off and mounted new ones closer to the center to bolt through the top of my rear fender. Wasn't difficult but it should be mentioned for the next seat to have that adjusted.
    Cheers, and good luck with your build!

  4. appreciate the blog of your build. i've got a 79 cx500 custom sitting in my garage that i stripped down over year ago. looking to rat mine out and reassemble. thanks again for sharing.

  5. Sounds very cool. I'd love to see what you do with it. I'll be checking your blog as well.

  6. What kinda of tires are those? I just got a CX and I love the look of the tires you have on yours. Love the bike btw, looks amazing

    1. Hi Derek, thanks for the compliments. Those are Dunlop K70's.